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2D Cutting and Scribing

engineering prototypes product design models, mockups package design architectural models film special effects models signage & graphics exhibits, displays gift, promotional production scribing, marking templates, stencils fabric cutting paper cutting plastic fabrication specialized manufacturing gasket cutting die board cutting medical components product identification control panels membrane switches flexible circuits fixtures, jigs manufacturing supports non-contact cutting of sensitive materials flexible magnet cutting

3D Modeling

product design models automotive exterior styling models & interior mockups aerospace design & wind tunnel models large scale tooling exhibit, display models film special effects models &3D props


acrylic (up to 1" thick) styrene delrin nylon teflon polypropylene polycarbonate foam (up to 2" thick) metalized plastics anodized aluminum(scribing) plastic laminate fiberglass wood plywood veneer masonite fiberboard mica rubber composites fabric leather cardboard paper products flexible magnets


Example Applications & Materials
LaserCAMM(™) Products of Laser Basics, Inc.