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Add in-house laser cutting to your CAD system!

LaserCAMM™ is a turn-key laser cutter that integrates fully with many CAD systems. By combining the power of laser cutting with the flexibilityof CAD, LaserCAMM™ turns complicated drawings into laser cut parts with the push of a button. Similar to a pen plotter, the system uses a laser beam to cut and scribe a variety of sheet materials into intricate patterns. Any shape that is drawn on your CAD system can be precisely cut by LaserCAMM™. Applications are limited only by your imagination.

Saves Time and Reduces Cost

LaserCAMM™ customers rely on its speed of operation. This benefits not only the prototyping process, but also permits production runs of parts. In situations where the volume or potential for change does not justify expensive tooling, the LaserCAMM™ fits the bill as a production tool. Its large bed size permits multiple parts to be cut from a single sheet. Its sturdy design, differentiating it from many other systems, allows extended periods of operation and product longevity.

A Powerful Product Design Tool

Models test and validate your design decisions. LaserCAMM™ enhances your designs by allowing you to try many options and evaluate the results quickly. When highly detailed models are easy to create, your designs benefit and your clients/customers benefit.

A Flexible Manufacturing Tool

LaserCAMM™ can fill the gap between design and full scale production.Without special tooling, prototypes or short production runs are quick and affordable. LaserCAMM™ produces intricate parts that are difficult or impossible to create with other techniques. Immediate feedback on complicated parts can resolve manufacturing problems before they occur.

Compact and Easy to Use

LaserCAMM™ is self-contained, similar in size and appearance to a large office copier and fits comfortably in an office or workshop environment. In operation, a sheet of material is placed on the LaserCAMM™’s 2’x 4’ vacuum bed, the cover is lowered, and the sheet is then scored, perfed or cut according to a CAD-generated DXF file. Pulsed CO2 lasers, ranging in power from 50 to 150 watts, are used to cut and score a wide range of materials up to 1" thick.

Software Interface

Software interface is straight forward. A DXF file generated from a CAD program is imported into the Microsoft Windows™-based user software and converted to a DMC file that is read by the machine. The conversion entails selecting predefined functions, such as cut or score (depth 1 through 5) to given layers. There is also the capability of customizing settings for unique materials or requirements. Previewing the cut path prior to sending is available, as well as the ability to estimate the cut time and material required. Once the file is downloaded, the material put in place and the focus set, it’s just a matter of pushing a button and watching the laser do its job. LaserCAMM™ is so user- friendly that only minimal training is required. A designer doesn’t have to rely on trained technicians to create parts. LaserCAMM™ provides systems and support to clients around the world. We are committed to enhancing the design process through advanced technology.


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