LaserCAMM™ Available Models

LaserCAMM™ has the following models available.

· Model 2305, which replaced the Model 4000, incorporates the Coherent G-50 CO2 laser/RF supply package. This 50 watt laser provides an increase in power of 20% over the previous laser used. Redesign of the X and Y arm assemblies has improved cut and score quality, and improved optic component design has aided in beam alignment, optics maintenance, and air/gas assist. Significant packaging redesign has also helped in troubleshooting and modular component replacement. Bed cutting size is 21" x 36".

· Model 2310, incorporates the new Coherent G-100 laser/RF supply package with the smaller chassis of the 2300 series. Bed cutting size is 21" x 36".

· Model 2405, combines the Coherent Deos-50 laser/RF supply package with the larger 26" x 52" vacuum cutting bed of the 2400 Series.

· Model 2410. This version replaces the Model 100D. It utilizes the Coherent G-100 laser/RF supply package designed with the same high standards as the previous 100 watt Diamond . As with the Model 2305, the X and Y arm assemblies and optics have been redesigned and significantly improve overall performance. Bed cutting size is 26" x 52".

· Model 2415. Utilizing the same mechanical package as the Model 2410, this design offers the same features, but with the additional power provided by the time proven, 150 watt Coherent K150 laser used in the previous Model 200D .

All models are now provided with Microsoft Windows™ based user interface software. The software is user friendly and AutoCAD 2007 compatible.

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